Claire Hollister - Director


Claire has a passion for people focused operations. She has been involved in the development, implementation and improvement of operations for UK and global professional services organisations for over 20 years. founding Hollister Consulting in 2017.

Her background in consultancy allows her to take a holistic perspective, making the connections that other people often may not see, finding solutions to problems and moving quickly from initial analysis through to business as usual.

She has wide experience of developing engagement to ensure change happens at team, functional and corporate levels using consulting skills and knowledge of global multiple stakeholder businesses.  She has worked with large and small teams in global businesses and in organisations with less than 100 employees.


“She has a great record of finding pragmatic solutions to complex problems related to the internal operations of an organization”

  “She provided focused analysis to support our strategic decision making and oversaw the implementation of targeted operational initiatives to provide a better foundation for the proposed wider changes”  

  “Claire’s drive, attention to detail and collaborative way of working were critical to this success, we could not have done this without her”